Ta'amiya (Egyptian Falafel) with Creamy Mint Tahini Sauce Recipe

Egyptian Falafel
Submitted By: Taz


½ lb Dried Split Fava Beans - rinsed and soaked (DO NOT SUBSTITUTE CANNED)
3 Large cloves Fresh Garlic - crushed
½ Leek (White and Light Green only) - cleaned and chopped
5 Green Onions - chopped
2 Tbs (Packed) Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley - thick stems removed and chopped
1 Tbs (Packed) Fresh Coriander - thick stems removed and chopped
1 tsp Chickpea Flour (Gram Flour / Besan)
1 tsp Ground Cumin
½ tsp Baking Soda
⅛ tsp Red Chile Powder (Cayenne)
Kosher Salt and Fresh Ground Black Pepper to taste
Sesame Seeds
Oil for frying - can use canola, peanut oil, or grape seed

  1. Rinse the fava beans thoroughly in cold water and place in a large bowl - Add enough cold water to cover beans 2 inches - Allow to soak overnight (18-24 hours)
  2. Once beans have soaked, drain and rinse thoroughly - Let them sit in sieve or colander for 10 minutes to drain off as much water as possible - Transfer to the work bowl of a food processor equipped with chopping blade
  3. Add the remaining ingredients (minus sesame seeds and oil) to the work bowl and pulse into a slightly coarse paste (mixture should be 'coarse' but not 'pebbly') - Check consistency (mixture should have the consistency of a dough) - Add a little water if mixture feels dry OR add additional chickpea flour if mixture seems too wet
  4. Allow mixture to rest for 5 minutes before proceeding
  5. You can divide the mixture into equal portions and roll into a ball (about the size of a ping-pong ball - larger or smaller to your liking) and press them into patties OR you can use a falafel press to form falafels
  6. Heat 2 inches of cooking oil in a small/medium skillet over medium-high heat to 350ºF
  7. IF MAKING 'PATTIES': Sprinkle sesame seeds onto a plate and gently press the patties into them - Flip and repeat - IF USING FALAFEL PRESS: After filling press, use spatula to press in about ¼ tsp of sesame seeds into the exposed side before ejecting into oil
  8. Gently place 4 falafel at a time into the oil and fry 2-3 minutes to a side until deep golden brown in color
  9. Transfer to a draining rack or absorbent paper - Serve hot along with creamy mint tahini sauce
  10. Transfer to a draining rack or absorbent paper - Serve hot along with tahini sauce -OR- Allow to cool to room temperature and pack for a picnic along with tahini sauce - Don't forget to bring along Pita Bread. Hummus, diced Tomato, diced Persian or English Cucumber, Persian Pickles, and some shredded Arugula or Leaf Lettuce to make Falafel 'Sandwiches' if you wish

Creamy Mint Tahini Sauce
Middle Eastern Yogurt and Mint Sesame 'Dip'
Submitted By: Taz


1 Cup Plain Yogurt
¼ Cup Tahini (Sesame Seed Paste)
1 clove Fresh Garlic - grated into a paste
2 Tbs Fresh Mint - chopped fine
½ tsp Kosher Salt - or to taste
¼ tsp Fresh Ground Black Pepper - or to taste
Juice of ½ Lemon


Whisk everything together - Taste and adjust seasoning - Thin with water as necessary to 'pouring' consistency - Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled

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