About Taz Doolittle

Taz has been cooking both professionally and for personal satisfaction throughout his life.

He has traveled the world to learn dishes, techniques, and culinary traditions from the source including nearly three years in India cooking for a number of restaurants throughout the subcontinent as well as learning from home cooks wherever possible in order to learn and preserve traditional Indian recipes and cooking techniques.
For nearly eight years, Taz acted as the Culinary Director for The Dhaba Cooking School located in Tempe, Arizona where he created lesson plans, taught classes, created menu items for the restaurant, trained kitchen staff, and began on a journey to bring traditional Indian recipes into people's homes and to expand their understanding of one of the world's most diverse and misunderstood cuisines

In 2014, Taz branched out with Taz Cooks Cooking Classes allowing him to teach not only East Indian but all of the other cuisines of the world and restaurants in general. Taz Cooks Cooking Classes allow Taz to showcase dishes he learned in the all of countries he has lived and worked in as well as classic restaurant dishes both traditional and fusion.

With the closure of The Dhaba Cooking School, Taz has continued to provide instruction to Aspiring Chefs of all skill levels in preparing satisfying, delicious, and healthy meals while teaching the origins, techniques, and tradition of the world's cuisines.
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