Roasted Garlic and Basil Tomato Bisque Recipe

Roasted Garlic and Basil Tomato Bisque
Creamy Tomato Soup
Submitted By: Taz


18 oz = apx 1 large Onion (small diced)
3 Large Garlic Bulbs (roasted)
32 Roma Tomatoes (8 cups diced) –OR- 4 cans (14.5 oz) Diced Tomatoes
2 oz / 4 Tbs Unsalted Butter
1 oz / 2 Tbs Olive Oil
16 oz / 2 Cups Chicken Stock (can substitute vegetable stock or water)
32 oz / 4 Cups Heavy Cream
2 oz / 4 Tbs All Purpose Flour
2 Tbs Dried Basil / ½ Cup (1 bunch) Fresh Basil - chopped
Kosher Salt to taste 
Fresh Ground Pepper to taste


Roasted Garlic:
  1. Preheat oven to 350°F
  2. Remove the white papery skin from garlic bulbs (do not peel or separate the cloves)
  3. Drizzle peeled bulbs with olive oil and wrap in aluminum foil – Bake on top rack of oven for 40 minutes
  4. Remove from oven and allow to cool (wrapped) for 10-15 minutes
  5. Separate the cloves and squeeze to extract garlic pulp – discard skins
  1. Place 6 – 8 quart stock pot over medium heat - Add butter, onion, garlic, and apx. 1 tsp salt - Sweat until onions turn translucent
  2. While continuously stirring, add flour to make a roux – Cook until roux is blond in color (apx 5-7 minutes)
  3. Add chicken stock, 6 cups/3 cans (43.5 oz) of the diced tomatoes, and half of the basil – Season with salt and pepper to taste
  4. Bring soup to a simmer over medium high heat – Reduce heat and allow to simmer for 20 minutes
  5. Use a stick blender to process until smooth*
  6. Add heavy cream, remaining basil and tomatoes and return to a simmer – Allow to simmer uncovered for 20 minutes – Adjust seasoning
  7. Serve
Finished soup should have a creamy consistency - Adjust thickness by adding water or stock for thinner soup, corn starch to thicken

*Transfer to a blender (in batches if necessary) – Blend until smooth and return to pot

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