Pimm's Cup Recipe

Pimm's Cup
The 'Quintessential' UK Summertime Adult Drink
Submitted By: Taz

Just like the Mint Julep's association with the Kentucky Derby, Pimm's Cup has had a long association with sports in the UK - enjoyed courtside at Wimbledon, trackside at the Grand National, and riverside at the Henley Regatta. But, just like the Mint Julep, Pimm's Cup is also a drink for the people - it is a UK summertime staple served at almost every pub, alongside a picnic, or in the garden for an al fresco high tea.


2 oz Pimm's Cup No.1® per glass
Fever Tree® Sparkling Lemonade* - can substitute 7-UP® or favorite Ginger Beer
Sliced Strawberries
English Cucumber - sliced thin
Tart Green Apple - sliced thin
Mint sprigs
Lemon - sliced thin
Orange - sliced thin
Fresh Ripe Raspberries
Fresh Pomegranate Seeds
ANY seasonal citrus (sliced thin) and/or berries of your choice

  1. Fill a highball OR wine glass half full of ice
  2. Pour Pimm's Cup No.1 over ice
  3. Fill glass to ¾ full with lemonade (mixture should be just about 2:1) - Gently stir
  4. Garnish** (push as much of the garnish down into the drink without overflowing the glass as you can)
  5. -OR- Dump everything (minus ice) into a large pitcher (2 oz Pimm's per person and 4 oz lemonade per person + all the garnish) and stir to combine - Serve over ice
* For the most authentic flavored Pimm's Cup, this is the brand I have found has the closest
   flavor (no wonder since it is made in the UK!). It can be found at larger 'wine and more
   stores' or online and is great as a mixer but is good as a stand-alone 'soda' if you like a
   strong lemony PUNCH!

** 'Purists' claim that a 'traditional' Pimm's Cup should be garnished with strawberry slices,
    cucumber slices, apple slices, and a sprig of mint ONLY (no hard rules on amounts)... But
    many would argue that the more ostentatious the garnish the better - 'A Pimm's Cup
    should look like a veritable fruit salad in a glass' - so garnish to your heart's content!

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